How To Make Money instantly Online With Oforum

Oforum 9jadailyinfo
Oforum 9jadailyinfo

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Here we talk about How To Make Money On Oforum and get instant payment, How To Make Money On Oforum Legitimately In 2020,  Oforum , Oforum Review , Oforum income program

Oforum 9jadailyinfo
Oforum 9jadailyinfo

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Is the major thing we will be talking about

Summery on how Oforum works

You can earn in two ways by becoming a member on Oforum

Oforum Activity Earnings  With this, participant earns residual income bonus by reading news and OSharing to Facebook daily. We share our revenue with you daily when you make Oforum community your news and information household / info hub.

Oforum Referral Earnings  With this, you are automatically an affiliate when you become a member on Oforum. As an affiliate, you earns huge commission of 71% per referral on anyone who join Oforum income through your referral link. When you introduce your friends or anyone to participate in Oforum earning opportunity, you earn instant 71% = N1,000naira  commission when anyone successfully register as a Oforum Member  through your referral link and get approved. The more people you refer to become Oforum Member, the more<b> 71% commission earning. So, if you can refer at least 10 people to take advantages of Oforum Membership daily, you will be earning N10,000 Naira in a day. NOTE: You have the option to earn by taking part in Oforum activities daily even when you can’t refer anyone (terms and condition applied).

How Can I Earn And How Much Can I Earn As A Oforum Member

As a participant, you have 2 methods to earn more money to your bank account every month as a Oforum Member.20191129005433 - How To Make Money instantly Online With Oforum

1. As an affiliate, you earn 71% per each referral. When you introduce your friends to participate on Oforum, you earn N1,000 Naira from their entry fee / product purchase and becoming part of Oforum Community.

In future when we will be having more valuable products, you will be earning more commission per sales.

2. As a participant, we share  Oforum revenue with you when you take part of Oforum activities monthly.

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i. <b>Reading post:  When you browse and read latest post daily, you earn from<b> N5 on each post you view.

ii. Osharing:  When you Oshare to facebook daily, you earn from N20.

So once you register and activate your account by paying for Oforum Membership, you will asked to provide and verify your bank account details while you start taking part in Oforum activities.

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In conclusion, You could be making more than N10,000  Naira daily when you are serious in taking part in Oforum activities.

Your referral earning + Read post earning you at least N50,000 Naira or more every month.

How To Register On Oforum

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