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A structure created to catch prey
We all pray to achieve the purpose of our creation
And know to all men, this can’t be achieved without making any effort
Therefore, the structure is created with a design sense
These structures do not intercept prey, but attract them
How is a thing so dangerous becomes so captivating and attractive?
The troubles of this world well patterned,designed and painted,
Calls the attention of people instead of doing otherwise
Yoruba will say “Olorun ma je ka fi ori ko jakariwo aye”
(God won’t allow us to walk into the cobweb of the world)
But this must be said, “jakariwo aye” do not have legs to move up and down
People walk in cobwebs, walk into dangers
“Ohun to ko sonu, ti omo araye wa kiri”
(What is not lost that human beings are looking for)
How long, how long?
How long will it take the eyes to be opened to deeper meanings of things?
How long will it take the people not to walk into captivity?
How long will the enchantment of deception work on us?

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